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About The Candidate

Dedication to Public Service

Kevin Puett is ready to move forward with a bid for the United State Congress. At the end of 2017, he decided to end a successful 29+ years career in civil service with the State of California. His goal is to make a positive difference as an elected legislator in the Federal government.

Kevin is an ardent pragmatic centrist that is ready to negotiate and implement solutions that benefit all Americans. The best solutions don't come from the left or the right or through compromises. The best solutions meld great ideas and rational analysis that seek to benefit all Americans equally. 

Like most Americans, Kevin is frustrated with the do nothing childish tribal politics of the Republican and Democratic parties. The politicians, of both parties, see themselves as warriors in a battle that they must win at all costs. They see the other party as the enemy. This divisiveness is destructive to the fabric of our society. We need to begin electing legislators that truly want to reunite Americans. Career politicians are the problem, not the solution. The divisiveness in American politics needs to end now. It will not end if we continue to elect the incumbents that have created this toxic environment. We need to stop re-electing career politicians and elect legislators committed to good government. Kevin is dedicated to being one of those solution building legislators.

Kevin spent 29+ years in public service with the State of California. Throughout his career, he was a dedicated leader with vision and the ability to implement efficiency and effectiveness in government. He has taken a pragmatic visionary approach with all of his positions. His career in state government was served at the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). 

At SCIF, Kevin was a key individual in SCIF's organizational paradigm shift from the high labor cost paper based processing environment to the lower cost paperless based processing environment. His ideas and vision were instrumental in defining and implementing SCIF's workers compensation claims business processing automation.

Kevin joined CDCR at the early stages of the California Prison Health Care Receivership. He joined CDCR (the largest California agency) to contribute to the prison healthcare turnaround effort. At CDCR, he was a very successful Information Technology analyst, project manager and manager. His career included working at the California Medical Facility, San Quentin and headquarters. He was the Information Technology Manager assigned to implementation the IT solutions during the construction and activation of the California Health Care Facility (CHCF) in Stockton California. CHCF is the largest prison medical facility and one of the most high-tech prisons in the nation. Kevin and his lean team of IT professions completed the activation on time and under budget. Kevin finished his CDCR career in a Career Executive Assignment as the Associate Director Activation Management. As the Associate Director, he lead a team of project managers to successfully activate 100+ prison construction projects.

Kevin is always looking to see how government can function more efficiently and effectively. When it comes to the operations of government, he applies the business principles of a positive and quick Return on Investment (ROI). He uses the Cost-Benefit Analysis approach to determine the most cost effective way to implement the best solutions for governmental operations. He's committed to better government with no waste.


Education and Political Experience

B.A. Political Science, Humboldt State University (1985)

Election Poll Worker (Clerk) Nov 2004

Election Poll Worker (Inspector) June 2006, Nov 2006, Feb 2008, June 2008, Nov 2008

Humboldt State University Student Council Representative (1983-1984)

Student Intern for Assemblyman Dan Hauser, California's 2nd State Assembly District (1983)


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