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Let's begin to Reunite the Divided States of America. Throw out the incumbents. They've had their chance to make a difference and they've failed.

Kevin Puett is a ardent pragmatic centrist running as a Democrat for the California 3rd Congressional District. If you are like him, you are frustrated with congressional incompetence, excessive spending, and political divisions. The tribal warfare in congress and political extremists are damaging the nation. They are dividing the nation instead of uniting the nation. We need to elect candidates, like Kevin, to bring some sanity and fiscal responsibility back to Congress.

Over the past 30 years, Congress has too often relinquished their authority to the President of the United States. This has reached a very unhealthy level. Congress needs to regain their authority and begin to legislate for all us. They need to create legislation that begins to solve the issues and problems we face today and in the future. The past few presidents have had to rule by executive order because of congressional inaction and the lack congressional leadership. Kevin wants to bring independent legislative leadership back to Congress and enact legislation for the betterment all Americans.

The candidate is adding content to this website on a regular basis. Please revisit the website often to learn more about the candidate's positions and solutions to the issues that confront all of us. Thank you.

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