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Candidate Presentation

National Security

Our military defenses have not kept pace with the increasing threats from terrorist, terrorist nations and other external treats. We must rebuild our military defenses to protect all of the United States. The cyber threats to our personal data, information, businesses and voting systems are accelerating. We need to increase our defense from these threats.

Social Security Stabilization

The creation of Social Security might be the number one legislative actions the Federal Government has pass to provide better safety, security, and general well being for the American people. To diminish Social Security is unacceptable. We can close the revenue/expenditure gap and stabilize Social Security by eliminating the Social Security tax cap loophole.

Fiscal Responsibility and Deficit Reduction

There is absolutely no reason, that during our current economic expansion, to be adding to the deficit. Congress needs to follow the lead of California and many other States and start operating surplus budgets. The past nine Congresses (Both Democrat and Republican controlled) have run annual deficits that have added to our total deficit. The current 115th Congress has been incredibly irresponsible and has accelerated deficit spending.

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